2 Unexpected Ways A Dentist Can Improve Your Life [BLOG]

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A highly-trained, experienced dentist should be able to do much more than just monitor your oral health every six months. That’s because your teeth and gums aren’t the only aspects of comprehensive dental care you need to live a pain-free, happy life.

Dr. Tieken in League City, TX has the skills and technology to help you do that beyond just keeping your mouth healthy.

2 Unexpected Ways A Dentist Can Improve Your Life

Today, we’re sharing two unexpected ways Dr. Tieken at Tieken Smiles can improve your quality of life!

*Feel Rested & Refreshed With Sleep Apnea Solutions*

If you’re snoring loudly night after night, waking up with a sore throat, or dragging your feet day in and day out, you could be one of the millions of people suffering from undiagnosed sleep apnea.

Among the symptoms we just mentioned, you may also:

*Experience mood swings

*Feel exhausted during the day, no matter how much sleep you get

*Gain weight

*Have a hard time concentrating

*Be more prone to distractions and accidents

Sleep apnea and snoring problems can be treated with a custom night guard from your League City, TX dentist, Dr. Tieken.

If a sleep test reveals you have this nightly condition, where you essentially stop breathing for short periods of time in repeated patterns while you sleep, your overall health is at serious risk. A night guard will keep your airways open so you can breathe without disruption, and thus, get better rest each night and feel more energized during the day!

*Live Free Of TMJ Pain & Discomfort*

You don’t have to go another day managing painful headaches and migraines or muscle tension in your jaw, neck, and shoulders.

Your League City, TX dentist can help you with a TMJ evaluation to find out if your symptoms can be traced back to a malfunctioning jaw joint.

TMJ disorder, or TMD, involves any misalignment, bite issues, or trauma to the joint that connects your skull to your jaw. You may show signs of this disorder if:

*You wake up with a sore jaw.

*You have trouble opening or closing your mouth all the way.

*You experience pain when chewing.

*You hear popping noises in your jaw when you eat, speak, or yawn.

*You have frequent headaches or migraines.

*You have pain in your ears.

*You feel built-up muscle tension in your face, jaw, neck, or shoulders.

With a custom night guard from Dr. Tieken, you can relieve the pressure on your jaw by keeping your upper and lower teeth separated while you sleep. This can also stop you from grinding your teeth while you sleep, a common cause of TMJ disorder.

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We want our patients in League City, TX to be happy and healthy, and we understand that requires more than just caring for your teeth and gums.

Our team knows your best quality of life means living pain-free, even if the source of that pain isn’t your typical dental problem. We can help you find relief and rest with our TMJ and sleep apnea solutions.

Call Tieken Smiles today at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment so we can help you feel better and live healthier!

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