4 Awesome Facts About Veneers [BLOG]

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January is a time to reinvent yourself!

That’s why our team at Tieken Smiles wants you to know about dental veneers and the power they have in transforming your smile!

Let’s take a closer look at dental veneers so you can get one step closer to your dream smile in 2018.

What Are Veneers Used For?

Dental veneers are mainly a cosmetic treatment used to hide teeth stains, close gaps between your teeth, and cover damage on your enamel. Dr. Tieken will guide you through the customized process so your veneers are perfectly made to fit you.

Veneers have long been considered the way to a Hollywood smile because they make you look like a celebrity with a bright, flawless set of beautifully balanced teeth.

When trying to decide if they’re the right cosmetic avenue to give you the smile you want, there are some things you need to know first.  

4 Awesome Facts About Dental Veneers

We could go on for days about why dental veneers are great for your smile, but here are just four awesome facts you should know:

Fact #1: Dental veneers were first used in Hollywood!

It’s ironic that people refer to dental veneers as the way to a smile worthy of Hollywood. That’s because veneers were first used in the late 1920s to improve the appearance of actors on the silver screen!

Although the methods have evolved for more successful, lasting benefits, veneers have been rooted in making people look picture perfect from the start!

Fact #2: Dental veneers give you a stronger, whiter smile for decades!

Being embarrassed about your dental problems, such as chipped, cracked, crooked, or discolored teeth, can destroy your self-esteem. If you don’t feel good about the way you look, you’ll inevitably feel inhibited socially, personally, and professionally.

Dental veneers can make your smile look stunning. They also protect from any covered damage from worsening over time. This can keep your smile brighter and safer for up to 20 years!

Fact #3: Oral hygiene is a breeze with dental veneers!

Dental veneers are one of those cosmetic treatments that don’t require any changes to your routine or lifestyle. You don’t have to restrict any foods from your diet to avoid staining. You don’t have to spend extra time in front of the bathroom mirror to dislodge bits of food from your dental work.

You can brush and floss like you always did for easy daily care.

Fact #4: Dental veneers are like a super secret instant smile straightener!

Braces are still the leading orthodontic choices to straighten teeth. But that doesn’t mean they’re the only way to correct a crooked smile.

Veneers are like an instant smile straightener because they close gaps between your teeth and cover up crooked ones.

In a tiny fraction of the time it takes to complete orthodontic treatment, veneers give you a straight smile fast! But that’s can be your little secret!

Are There Any Drawbacks Of Dental Veneers?

*Dental veneers can still be damaged.

With the right care, veneers can last 10-20 years. But tough as they are, veneers aren’t completely indestructible.

If you have a habit of grinding your teeth or chewing on ice cubes, you could risk breaking them.

*Teeth without veneers will need to be whitened.

Even though veneers resist staining and discoloration, the teeth around the ones that are covered by veneers can still turn darker. That means you would need to return to the dentist office every now and then to maintain a whiter smile where all your teeth match.

*Dental veneers can’t be undone.

To get the right kind of adhesion, your tooth enamel has to be modified. Your smile wouldn’t look authentic if your veneers didn’t fit well against your gums.

To make room, Dr. Tieken would have to remove some of your tooth enamel before placing your veneers, which can’t be reversed.

Schedule A Consultation

We’ve only scratched the surface in today’s blog about what makes dental veneers such a wonder of cosmetic dentistry!

We see so many patients light up inside because of the way veneers transform their smiles. Despite their translucent, incredibly thin exterior, dental veneers are surprisingly strong and durable. So on top of giving you a Hollywood smile, they can keep you safe from any cracks getting longer, deeper, and wider so you don’t risk oral health problems.

To discover more of the advantages of veneers and whether they’re a good choice for your smile, come to our League City, TX dental office!

Call Tieken Smiles at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to request a consultation for dental veneers with Dr. Tieken.


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