A Full-Mouth Reconstruction Can Save Your Smile [BLOG]

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Has fear made it impossible for you to go to the dentist for routine cleanings and exams?

Has shame about the state of your oral health kept you from getting the treatment you need to fix your smile?

It’s time to let that all go.

And our team at Tieken Smiles is here to help you through every step.

In our League City, TX dental office, we change lives every single day thanks to the innovative methods of modern restorative dentistry with our full-mouth reconstructions.

Why We Rely On Full-Mouth Reconstructions

There are certain cases where a person’s teeth and oral health are far too complicated to fix with only one restorative dental treatment.

Gum disease, trauma from accidents, or years away from the dentist for professional cleanings and exams can all contribute to a deteriorated, unhealthy smile.

This is where we would need to rely on a full-mouth reconstruction to turn your health, confidence, and life completely around.

Dr. Tieken and our team start by taking a thorough look inside your mouth to identify all the issues you currently face.

Then, we design a customized plan of restorative treatments that will save your smile!

How A Full-Mouth Reconstruction Saves Your Smile

Your needs aren’t like anyone else’s needs, which is why every full-mouth reconstruction will look a little different.

Dr. Tieken designs a unique combination of restorative dentistry procedures to suit your health needs so you can finally love the way your smile looks and feels.

Here are some ways we can save your smile with a reconstruction plan:

*By Replacing Missing Teeth*

A knocked out, loose, or otherwise fully compromised tooth will need to be replaced.

While it may sound like a huge problem, it’s nothing but routine for Dr. Tieken and our team.

We often use dental crowns and bridges, as well as dental implants, to fill in unsightly large gaps after a tooth is lost or extracted.

It’s necessary to protect you from dangerous oral health issues, and even future tooth loss caused by gum disease and bone deterioration.

Our replacements look very natural and will match the color of your surrounding teeth so there isn’t any kind of blip in the radar for your smile!

*By Strengthening Compromised Teeth*

Any time a tooth is traumatizing, damaged, or infected, it will inevitably become weaker and more vulnerable.

A dental crown can make it stronger so it can withstand any further damage. Crowns are incredibly durable, which means they can keep your teeth safe from harm, either through health problems, injuries, or normal wear and tear.

*By Giving You More Secure Replacement Teeth*

Several missing teeth can’t be helped effectively with one implant or a couple of dental bridges.

But at the same time, removable dentures aren’t every patient’s ideal solution.

Dr. Tieken can secure your new teeth, whether you need many or even all of them replaced thanks to dental implants. We’re able to fix your replacement teeth in place with only a few implants so you can resume the diet and quality of life you prefer.

*By Making Your Smile Look Great*

Do you have old, silver fillings from past cavities?

So many people do, and not all them are located in a spot that’s easy to see when you smile.

But sometimes they are, and that can be an unnecessary source of embarrassment.

Especially when you can easily replace them with tooth-colored fillings in our League City, TX dental office!

We’ll make sure your restorations preserve your teeth while blending in with your smile.

Schedule A Consultation!

Dr. Tieken has years of experience saving smiles with full-mouth reconstruction. He knows what it takes to get your mouth healthy again, while making sure you’re happy with the aesthetic outcome of your treatment plan.

Our team wants nothing more than for you to enjoy a full, healthy life and to love what you see in the mirror, and that means providing natural-looking restorations that function well and allow you to eat what you want.

Trust our League City, TX dental team with your fully reconstructed smile. Call Tieken Smiles at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule your first consultation.


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