Foods That Are Surprisingly Good For Your Teeth! [BLOG]

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At Tieken Smiles in League City, TX, we stay on top of the latest research about dental health and continue to find more and more connections between what’s going on inside your mouth and what’s happening inside your body.

That includes how your nutrition may be affecting your teeth and gums.

Today, we’re filling you in on a few recent studies that offer evidence of the oral health benefits of some surprising foods!

*The Bacteria-Fighting Power Of Meat & Dairy!

If you were thinking about giving up meat and dairy any time soon, you may want to reconsider!

A recent study revealed that amino acids in dairy products, both red and white meats, and fish can actually work to prevent plaque bacteria from developing.

This is pretty significant considering it’s the built-up, hardened plaque that contributes to tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

Maybe a drumstick and a cold glass of milk should be added to tonight’s dinner menu!

*Someone Should Warn Gum Disease About…Blueberries?

We admit to advising our readers in past blogs to beware of the teeth-staining pigment in blueberries, among other foods and drinks, if you’re fighting to keep your smile pearly white. But in our defense, we never suggest staying away from any fruit or vegetable, no matter how brightly-colored they may be!

Today, though, we may have to beg the forgiveness of this recently-lauded alliance in the fight against gum disease!

Recent studies have shown that blueberry polyphenols have an extraordinary power, and it’s the ability to not only keep bacteria, same as you find in gum disease infection, from forming, but to also prevent inflammation that can often encourage the development and spread of gum disease.

So, forgive us, blueberries! You are a superior fruit!

And if enjoying these delicious, healthy berries begins to leave stains on your teeth, don’t sweat it. We’ll take care of you with our fast, affordable teeth whitening solutions in League City, TX!

*Pass The Cheese, Please!

Is there anything that isn’t made more glorious with cheese?

Take our word for it. The answer is no!

Sprinkled on a garden salad or a plate of pasta, spread on freshly baked bread, or melted into gooey goodness over your hot, grilled burger, cheese simply makes everything better.

Well, except for maybe your cholesterol level or your waistline, depending on the type and amount of cheese you consume.

But what can’t be denied is the calcium your body gets when you add cheese to your diet.

And calcium is one of the best minerals you can consume to strengthen your tooth enamel and jawbone for optimum oral health.

So, for the sake of your teeth, stop at the cheese tray at your next party and don’t feel guilty about adding some to your plate!

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Study after study about oral health continues to validate our core belief at Tieken Smiles that a healthy mouth means a healthy body.

With the strong scientific evidence that proves the link between gum disease and serious risks to your overall health, it’s more important than ever to visit our League City, TX dentist office for routine checkups.

We’ll make sure your mouth is healthy and your smile stays beautiful!

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