Handle Dental Emergencies Like A Walk In The Park [BLOG]

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You’re sitting in the park enjoying a lovely picnic with your family.

As the dog races back and forth to catch the frisbee your child and spouse are tossing, you’re doubled over in laughter at the high-stakes fun.

Suddenly, a moment’s of distraction catches your son off-guard and the frisbee crashes full speed into his mouth.

This is definitely not what you had planned for your fun family picnic!

But you don’t have to let a dental emergency cast a dark cloud over your day. You have our team at Tieken Smiles in League City, TX to help.

Today, we’re talking about common emergencies where you might need our help to save your smile!

*A Knocked Out Tooth*

The most serious of dental emergencies, a knocked out tooth should be handled with care.

If there’s any way to save it, that’s what we will try to do. That’s why you’ll want to try to find it if you can.

If you do, make sure you only pick up by the crown, or the ‘white part.’ Any dirt or debris can be gently removed with water.

After you’ve rinsed your mouth with water, as well, you can take steps to preserve your tooth while you head to our League City, TX dental office in the way that suits your emergency best:

-Place the tooth back inside it’s socket

-Place the tooth inside your mouth between your cheek and gums

-Place the tooth in a sealed container of milk or water and bring it with you

Regardless, any pain and swelling can be eased by taking an over-the-counter, non-aspirin pain reliever and using a cold compress gently against the injured area.

Don’t think that all hope is lost if your knocked out tooth can’t be saved. Dr. Tieken can discuss your tooth replacement options such as a dental bridge or a dental implant.

*A Broken Tooth*

You can break a tooth just as easily while chewing a piece of steak as you could playing a contact sport. Depending on what led to it, you may or may not be able to find the broken piece of your tooth, but if you can, do it.

Then do what you can to get any bleeding under control, and to reduce pain and swelling until you’re able to be seen in our League City, TX dental office.

Also, take care to not let a broken, jagged tooth to cause harm to your cheeks or lips while you wait.

*A Toothache*

Usually, tooth pain is something that can seem like it snuck up on you all of a sudden, when really, the underlying cause of the pain has been festering for awhile.

Because of the often deceptive nature of toothaches, people make the mistake of putting off treatment thinking it can wait.

Even if you could withstand the intense pain of a toothache, it’s not a good idea to ignore it.

The cause of your toothache must be addressed and treated as soon as you can so that any infection doesn’t get into your bloodstream and spread.

Put Tieken Smiles On Your Call List

The good people of League City, TX don’t have to let a dental emergency cast a dark shadow on your springtime fun.

As quickly as a nice stroll in the park, an afternoon baseball game, or a lovely picnic can turn into a dental emergency, help can be found easily when you store the number for Tieken Smiles in your list of contacts.

That way you can take the guesswork out of equation and get the dental care you need when minutes count.

Dr. Tieken and our team also want to help you prevent dental problems all throughout the year with regular cleanings and exams!

Call Tieken Smiles today at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to book an appointment. For emergency care, give us a call, and someone will be there to guide you!


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