Your Holiday Smile Makeover [BLOG]

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Are you enjoying the holidays so far? Let our team at Tieken Smiles help you with that!

Today, we’re talking about a life-changing smile makeover and the number of ways you can do that in our League City, TX dental office so that every holiday season from here will be filled with peace and joy!

Smile For Photos Without Worry!

This time of year invites many opportunities to pose for photos with family and friends. Social media makes sharing those photos almost instantaneous, so you should be able to smile for all those pictures free from worry or stress because of flaws and imperfections.

Boost Your Confidence For The Social Season!

You’re going to feel amazing knowing you have a beautiful smile. Think of all the times you’ve been surrounded by people and had to go to great lengths to hide your smile flaws.

Now imagine how your holiday experience would change for the better if you held your head high as you socialize this season with a brighter, straighter, more beautiful smile!

How To Makeover Your Holiday Smile

Dr. Tieken is a highly-trained dentist who can help you design a series of cosmetic treatments that will all lead to your dream smile. Here are a few of the ways we can completely transform your smile in our League City, TX dental office!

Short-Term Orthodontics

We’ll start by mentioning short-term orthodontics available in our League City, TX dental office. That’s because your crooked teeth may require braces, but don’t worry! That doesn’t mean you have to endure a long line of social engagements flashing a mouth full of metal!

You can opt for Invisalign or ClearCorrect to straighten your teeth. Both of these options use clear aligners, so you can hop from party to party without calling attention to your orthodontic treatment. Invisalign and ClearCorrect also work in a fraction of the time of traditional braces, so this time next year, you can have a stunning, straight smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Your smile can become dingy over the years from dark foods and drinks, as well as age, health condition, and even certain prescription medications. To remove the surface stains on your teeth, Dr. Tieken can help you choose between our fast, effective in-office whitening system or our convenient take-home option.

Professional teeth whitening under the supervision of a dentist is the easiest, fastest, most affordable way to enhance your smile, take years off your appearance, and boost your self-esteem just in time for the new year!

Dental Veneers

If you have cracks, chips, or gaps in your smile, dental veneers may be your best cosmetic and restorative solution. For placing veneers, your tooth enamel will be carefully modified to allow maximum bonding strength and a comfortable, natural-looking fit.

After these delicately thin, yet strong porcelain shells, are bonded to your teeth, Dr. Tieken will shape them to perfection for a straight, white, flawless smile!

Gum Reshaping/Teeth Contouring

Dr. Tieken has a twofold approach to anyone with a gummy smile. This is where your smile lacks visual balance either because you have too much gum tissue that cover your teeth, or you have short teeth in general.

With gum reshaping, he can gently remove gum tissue to alter your gumline and expose more of your teeth. Then Dr. Tieken can carefully contour your teeth so they all have a consistent shape. These two procedures combine to give you a balanced, gorgeous smile you’ll love.

Dental Implants

Perhaps no other dental problem creates an unsightly smile quite like missing teeth. Around the holidays, the embarrassing issue of tooth loss is brought even more into the spotlight. You’re standing around, chatting and catching up with family and friends, and you can’t enjoy yourself because you’re so self-conscious about the gaps in your smile.

At Tieken Smiles, we can determine if dental implants are the right solution to complete your smile. Dental implants preserve your healthy jawbone and remaining teeth and allow you to eat and smile with confidence for the rest of your life.

Schedule A Smile Makeover!

Since this is a season of giving and receiving, maybe it’s time to put yourself on the Christmas wish list. Just as you go out of your way to make sure everyone on your shopping list gets what they asked for from Santa, our team at Tieken Smiles thinks you deserve to give yourself the gift of a beautiful smile.

This is a busy time of year because you have so many special events to attend. You face many opportunities to gather with friends, new and old, distant relatives who are visiting for the holidays, and maybe even co-workers at an office party or two.

A smile makeover at our League City, TX dental office can give you a gorgeous smile and the confidence to breeze through each social gathering flashing a smile that sparkles like the twinkling lights overhead. We believe you deserve to relax, enjoy yourself, and love your smile this season, and many more that follow!

Start your smile makeover journey today! Call Tieken Smiles at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to request a consultation.


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