How Just 4 Dental Implants Can Change Your Life [BLOG]

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You deserve to live exactly the way you want.

That’s why you should trust Dr. Tieken at Tieken Smiles to replace your missing teeth using the latest and most advanced methods available.

Your smile can be healthy, look natural, and your teeth can work for your lifestyle and comfort, all with help from Dr. Tieken and our team in League City, TX.

Today, we’re telling you about how we can use just four dental implants to change your life for the better after tooth loss!

*Consider Your Lifestyle*

You want new teeth that are going to do their job for you.

You want new teeth that don’t require frequent visits to the dentist every couple of years to be repaired, fixed, or tightened.

You want to eat, kiss, speak, and laugh with full confidence.

For the strongest replacement method, many trust All-on-4®, which is a modern system that uses four dental implants to replace a full, fixed arch of new teeth.

You get the kind of security you can’t find with traditional dentures so your lifestyle doesn’t have to completely change after tooth loss.

*Consider The Look Of Replacement Teeth*

You’re already at an advantage because you’re exploring the best options to replace your missing teeth. Too often, it’s hard to get patients to take that first step.

You already know it’s important choice to make for your health.

But it’s also important to consider how your choice will affect your appearance.

You want replacement teeth to look natural and your smile to be attractive.

Although our dentures look incredibly lifelike, there’s something about anchoring them with dental implants that gives your smile a more natural appearance overall. Since implants are inside your jaw, your replacement teeth can sit on top of the implant for a more realistic-looking arch.

*Considering Cost Vs. Value*

This may be the biggest source of stress patients face when choosing among different replacement options.

When it comes to an actual price tag, removable dentures win the cost argument.

But it’s really important to consider long-term value. Replacing teeth is one of the most significant investments you can make.

Think about your home. That’s a huge investment, one that demands the right price, but one that also has you thinking quality and long-term value.

The same is true for your replacement teeth. With just four dental implants to stabilize a full-arch denture, you’re getting a more durable, lasting solution. The up-front costs may lean in favor of removable dentures, but over the long term, you may opt for the value of All-On-4® implants.

*Consider Your Comfort*

No matter how you decide to replace missing teeth, you’ll want more than anything to live pain-free. That’s what all of us want!

And everyone’s experience is different, so while traditional dentures may be fine for one person, you may find them uncomfortable.

Removable dentures sit on top of your gums with help from adhesives, which can sometimes fail you at the worst time. If you’re sitting at a large dinner table surrounded by friends, family, or even colleagues, you don’t want your dentures slipping mid-sentence or mid-bite!

The point is, comfort is both physical and emotional. That’s one of the reasons patients love the benefits of dentures secured tightly with a few dental implants.

This tooth replacement strategy ensures a better, more comfortable fit.

Schedule An Appointment

You’re not on your own. Facing tooth loss can be emotional and scary.

That’s why we go out of our way to guide you through the experience of choosing the right replacement teeth for you so that you come out on the other side with a smile that you’ll feel proud of.

Dr. Tieken invests in the most advanced systems and methods so your new smile looks natural and beautiful and your bite is nearly as strong as it ever was!

Find out which option is the best one for you. Call our League City, TX dental office today at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to book an appointment.


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