How Lasers Are Shaping The Future Of Dentistry [BLOG]

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At Tieken Smiles, it’s not uncommon to meet new patients who came to us simply because they wanted a practice that was on the cutting edge of technology. Sometimes, all it takes is one painful procedure somewhere else for a patient to decide that updated treatment methods are worth exploring.

It’s one of the reasons people in the League City, TX area continue to return to Tieken Smiles. People know and trust our commitment to staying abreast of the latest technology and how it can directly benefit you, the patient.

That’s because of advances like dental lasers that make treatment more effective, but also more comfortable than ever before!

Today, we’re talking about some of those benefits and examples of how we use lasers to shape the future of dental care!

How Lasers Have Changed The Dental Experience

Lasers have been a transformative force for good in the field of dentistry in recent years. Here are a few ways they have improved the dental experience overall:

-Lasers mean more treatments that are essentially painless compared to outdated methods.

-Lasers allow us to diagnose and treat multiple dental problems with more accuracy and precision.

-Lasers mean less recovery time after procedures.

-Lasers eliminate the need for cutting or suturing.

-Lasers don’t create a frightening sound that can aggravate your dental anxiety like other tools.

-Laser offer more efficiency in dental care, which means fewer, and faster, treatments!

How Tieken Smiles Uses Dental Lasers

Here are just a few of the ways your dental care is improved thanks to the kind of advanced laser technology you find at Tieken Smiles!

*Laser Gum Treatment Is Faster & More Comfortable

Instead of cutting and stitching, dental lasers have changed the gum reshaping process dramatically!

If you have extra gum tissue that hides too much of your teeth, leaving you with a gummy smile, our award-winning dentist, Dr. Tieken, can use laser technology to artfully resculpt your gumline. Gum reshaping with a laser allows for more precision, faster and more comfortable treatment, and less recovery time than we’ve ever seen in dentistry!

*Treating Tooth Decay Is Quick & Effective

At Tieken Smiles, we use advanced laser technology called DIAGNOdent to spot cavities, even in the earliest stages of tooth decay. We can remove the decay quickly and effectively to prepare your tooth for a natural-looking dental filling no one will even notice!

*Catching Cavities Is Possible Before They’re Even Visible

Some people believe the myth that you’d know it if you had a cavity, but that’s just not true. Because tooth decay attacks your enamel, which doesn’t contain any nerve endings, you won’t necessarily know when a cavity is forming in your mouth.

Thanks to our laser DIAGNOdent tool, we can spot early signs of cavities with more accuracy than in years past, even those too small for the naked eye.

This can help us keep decay under control, as well as preserve the health of your teeth for much longer throughout your life.

*Professional Teeth Whitening Is More Effective

You’ve probably seen, or even used, store brand whitening treatments to enhance your smile. But those systems simply can’t compete with what you get in our League City, TX dental office.

That’s largely due to our technology!

Using a combination of expertly formulated whitening gel and exposing it to heat and light in our office, you’ll get amazing results for a whiter, brighter smile.

This is just another way technology has improved the methods and results of dental treatments in recent years. It can easily and safely take your smile from dull to dazzling, even after years of morning coffee or that evening glass of red wine!

Make An Appointment Today!

Putting off treatment for the dental problems that threaten your oral health will only lead to disaster.

Not that there aren’t understandable reasons for avoiding dental treatment, such as dental anxiety, you should contact us at Tieken Smiles so we can help you overcome those reasons for the sake of your health.

Not only do we offer sedation dentistry and various relaxation options in our League City, TX dental office, but our state-of-the-art technology makes your treatment easier and more comfortable than ever before.

Dr. Tieken and our team want the best for you and your smile, and that means doing all we can to make sure you’re healthy this year, and far into the future!

Call Tieken Smiles at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment or to learn more about how our advanced technology can benefit you!


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