Make Dental Veneers Your Smile’s Halloween Mask! [BLOG]

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With everyone talking about Halloween costumes in the last couple of weeks, it gets us all thinking about what it would be like to step outside of ourselves and take on a new identity, if only for an evening.

For many people, that’s a pretty thrilling thought.

For others, that might feel like a bit of a letdown.

That’s because anyone struggling with insecurity or embarrassment about their appearance probably wishes they actually could hide behind some sort of costume or mask every day of the year.

Fortunately, you have a skilled cosmetic dentist, Dr. Tieken, at Tieken Smiles who knows a way to dress up your smile with a mask you don’t have to take off when all the Halloween parties have ended!

Make Dental Veneers Your Smile’s Halloween Mask!

When you come to our League City, TX practice, you’ll find a variety of ways to dress up your smile. But the one cosmetic dentistry service that goes further for your teeth imperfections than any other are dental veneers.

Here are three reasons why veneers make such a great mask for your smile!

*Hide Stains*

Professional teeth whitening is the standard for removing dark, stubborn stains or discoloration.

But although a brighter smile will certainly make it look radically better, it’s not enough for people who have other cosmetic issues with their teeth.

But that’s the good news about veneers.

They’re a more lasting solution than standard teeth whitening treatment. Veneers hide stained teeth, as well as resist stains as you wear them for years worth of pearly-white smiling!

*Cover Misshapen Or Crooked Teeth*

People often consider dental veneers an instant orthodontic solution, and for good reason.

While veneers don’t technically move any teeth, they can be placed over your crooked, overlapping, or unevenly spaced teeth so that they’re all suddenly aligned and straight.

It will appear as though you spent the last couple of years wearing braces, when in actuality, you just had a couple of appointments with Dr. Tieken!

*Conceal Dental Damage*

Dental veneers are the gift for your smile that keep on giving!

That’s because along with hiding stains and crooked, misshapen teeth, they also conceal dental damage.

Here are some common imperfections your teeth might accumulate over the years that can all be hidden by veneers:



*Worn teeth

*Rough edges

In other words, dental veneers are like a makeover for your smile all on their own.

They hide multiple problems in one treatment, giving you a gorgeously flawless smile for decades!

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Would you like a mask for your smile that you don’t have to take off?

Visit Tieken Smiles in League City, TX for a dental veneers consultation with Dr. Tieken!

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