This Season, Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants! [BLOG]

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Remember how you used to look forward to the holidays? The parties, special events, intimate gatherings with family and friends, and the glorious food?

But the holidays took a dark turn for you a long time ago because you have missing teeth.

If you could turn it all around, would you?

With dental implants at Tieken Smiles, you can get back to the life you used to have before it was affected by tooth loss. And that’s what today’s blog is all about!

Tooth Loss Can Ruin The Holidays

Missing one or more teeth will inevitably affect your life. No time makes those effects more pronounced than the holidays.

That’s because you’re going from one special event to another, and you’re surrounded by lots of people and lots of delicious food! If you’re not able to chew without pain, discomfort, or anxiety, it’s really hard to enjoy the experience overall. The holidays can easily turn into something you dread when dealing with the effects of tooth loss.

Dentures Come With Limits

Dentures have their place, to be sure. In fact, Dr. Tieken offers dentures for those who are perfectly satisfied with using them as a tooth replacement option! But they aren’t right for everyone because of how they can sometimes affect your life. Here are some examples:

Dentures Can Fit Poorly

Unless you’re in the hands of an experienced professional like Dr. Tieken, dentures can sometimes feel uncomfortable. Adhesives that keep dentures in place on your gums can also pose a problem if you’re someone who doesn’t want to feel restricted when it comes to food options, especially this time of year.

Dentures Need To Be Replaced

Even when fitted properly, dentures will need to be replaced every few years. This can be a hassle, as well as a financial burden.

Dentures Don’t Always Look Natural

Dentures aren’t always the most natural-looking replacement option. This can keep you from feeling secure about showing your teeth, especially during a time of year where you’re sure to be around a lot of people.

Enjoy The Holidays With Dental Implants

When you replace missing teeth with dental implants, your holiday experience can drastically improve in a number of ways. Here are a just a few:

Chew Comfortably & Confidently With Dental Implants

Everyone loves holiday treats like turkey and harvest vegetables! Dental implants will allow you to eat what you want comfortably and confidently. That’s because they’re most stable of all tooth replacement options and won’t move or fall out when you’re tearing and chewing Thanksgiving turkey!

Clean Your Teeth Easily & Effectively With Dental Implants

Unlike removable dentures that require daily scrubbing to keep them clean, dental implants allow easier, more effective oral hygiene. You can brush and floss each day just as you always did! Also unlike dentures, dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care.

Glow Radiantly With An Attractive, Healthy Smile

Dental implant restorations look natural and attractive, so you don’t have to hide your teeth anymore. You don’t have to spend every holiday gathering dodging the cameras and smartphones or covering your mouth every time someone makes you laugh.

You’ll exude confidence thanks to your complete, attractive smile, not just this season, but every season to follow

Replace Missing Teeth At Tieken Smiles!

Would you like to enjoy the company of family and friends without fearing a photo op at any given moment? Would you like to have unlimited options when it’s time to fill your holiday plate and enjoy that food with confidence?

Would you like to stop looking at the holidays as something you have to suffer through and start looking forward to all the wonderful things this season has to offer?

Then it’s time to find a tooth replacement option that works for you. Dental implants at Tieken Smiles can help you maintain the quality of life you’re used to and one that you deserve. Don’t let another holiday season go by with missing teeth, loose dentures, or an incomplete smile. Let us help you find lasting solutions for a lifetime of happy holidays!

Call our League City, TX dental office at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment.


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