Show Off A Great New Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry [PHOTO]

wisdom_tooth_removal_3 | Tieken Smiles Dentistry

You want to feel great about how you look, whether it’s when you catch a glimpse of your reflection, pose for a group photo, or simply while out running errands.

A beautiful smile makes that simple, especially when you have the cosmetic dentistry options at Tieken Smiles!

Today, we’re letting you see a before and after example of what our skilled team can do for your smile in League City, TX.

Be our next success story and schedule your consultation today!

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Teeth_Whitening_Before | Tieken Smiles Dentistry | League City, TX Dentist - Dr. Derek Tieken

Teeth_Whitening_After | Tieken Smiles Dentistry | League City, TX Dentist - Dr. Derek Tieken

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