A Straight Smile Has Its Perks! [BLOG]

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Many adults who long for a straight smile tend to believe the myth that orthodontic treatment is a young person’s game. We see this all too often at Tieken Smiles.

But once they learn about the orthodontic options available in our League City, TX dental office, a world of possibilities opens up to them. That’s why we’re taking the opportunity to bring those options to you in today’s blog.

Dr. Tieken and our highly-trained team believe that everyone deserves a straight, beautiful smile that makes them feel good. But we notice that adults with crooked teeth too often settle because they think their chance to correct this particular smile flaw passed them by a long time ago.

This may have been true years ago, but thanks to advanced technology like you’ll find at Tieken Smiles, we can offer an ideal solution. It’s one that is not only effective, but it fits into your ults, and everyone in between because it is both discreet and effective.

Another thing that our adult patients have found surprising about modern orthodontics is that it offers certain perks that go beyond cosmetic. Today, we’re sharing just a few of the perks of having a straight smile!

Perk: A Smile You’ll Love!

As we just mentioned, the cosmetic benefit of a straight smile is the first perk you’ll notice after undergoing orthodontic treatment. In fact, crowded, crooked teeth is the main motivator for most people who are considering braces.

Even if you only have a couple of teeth that are crooked or awkwardly positioned, it can be enough to make you unhappy with your smile overall. Once all your teeth are properly aligned, though, your smile can look completely transformed.

It’s amazing what that balance and symmetry can do to make a smile look more attractive. After orthodontic treatment from Tieken Smiles, you’ll finally have a smile you love.

Perk: Better Oral Health!

This surprises our patients time and again. Along with loving the way your straight smile looks, you also enjoy the perk of better oral health! That’s because many people don’t realize how much of a challenge it can be to keep crooked, overcrowded teeth thoroughly clean.

The reason for this has to do with bacteria. Yes, your mouth is full of bacteria at all times, some of it good, and some of it bad. The bad bacteria will eat the sugary remnants of your food, and if you have several spots in your mouth where teeth overlap, all that sugar can nest comfortably in those hard to reach places.

Brushing and flossing is important, of course, but it’s not enough to fully rid those nooks and crannies of food particles and debris. Those places then become a potential breeding ground for the acids created from bacteria feeding off the sugar. Once that happens, your teeth and gums come under attack and are vulnerable to decay, erosion, cavities, and gum disease.

Straight teeth that are properly aligned and positioned make it much easier to keep your teeth clean. You’re able to brush and floss between your teeth much more thoroughly than you could when they were overlapping each other.

Perk: A Boost In Confidence!

If you don’t feel good about some aspect of your appearance, it will inevitably affect how you feel about yourself overall. That’s true for your hair, your skin, your weight, your shape… and it’s just as true when it comes to your smile.

Crooked teeth are going to make you feel insecure, and maybe even embarrassed to laugh and smile around other people. A straight, attractive smile, on the other hand, is a huge confidence booster!

You won’t feel the need to avoid social situations or cover your mouth with your hand when someone tells a funny joke. Instead, you’ll have the confidence and courage to be fully present and enjoy yourself, no matter the setting or the company!

Perk Up Your Smile With Orthodontics

Isn’t it time you enjoyed some of the perks of a straight, beautiful smile? Then schedule an orthodontic consultation with Dr. Tieken at Tieken Smiles. He can go over your options in our League City dental office, such as Invisalign and ClearCorrect, and help you decide which is best for your lifestyle and your budget!

Call Tieken Smiles at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment.

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