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At Tieken Smiles, we know one of the biggest hurdles people face toward a healthy mouth is fear, which is why we offer various forms of dental sedation here in League City, TX.

It doesn’t just keep you comfortable during treatment, but it sets you up for a lifetime of positive dental experiences and lasting oral health.

Patients are often surprised by how sedation dentistry improves their lives outside of the time they spend in the dental chair. Here are just a few examples of its surprising benefits

*It Could Save You Time & Money*

If you thought sedation in any form was simply a way to relax patients, you’d be missing out on another great benefit!

Sedation dentistry can actually end up saving you time and money.

First, think about what dental fear has done to the state of your teeth and gums. It can feel overwhelming to get all the dental treatment you need to restore your oral health.

And wouldn’t you already be in good oral health if you had the courage to come to the dentist office to begin with?

The great part about it is that dental sedation can make it possible for you to get multiple treatments done in a single visit instead of having to drag out the process with several shorter appointments.

This amounts to time saved in the dental chair, time saved from missing work, and money saved in co-pays and treatment costs that can add up.

Also, in the longer term, you save time and money because you’ll be able to face routine dental visits with more confidence, which will make it easier to keep your mouth healthy and prevent complicated dental problems down the road.

*It Makes You Feel Calm & Relaxed During Treatment*

People have all sorts of reasons to squirm in the dental chair because of nerves and fear. Even the least menacing appointment, like for a cleaning and exam, can make people fidgety.

When you’re already tense, it can be tough to control your body. You might have a really sensitive gag reflex, be anxious and jumpy at the slightest noise, or even shake out of nervousness.

The biggest change you notice while under dental sedation, is that your body feels completely relaxed. You’re awake, but all the jittery nerves will calm down and help you feel at ease.

But along with that, we also offer comfort amenities like noise-cancelling headphones, soothing music, and warm blankets so you get the ultimate experience for a better dental visit.

*It Builds Your Confidence About Dental Care*

Some memories stay with you and give you comfort as you recall them with fondness.

Other memories, instead, haunt you well into adulthood.

Dental anxiety is commonly a result of some kind of traumatic dentist appointment from childhood or adolescence. You may have had trouble with the anesthetic and felt more during the procedure than you were supposed to. Or perhaps your treatment went just fine, but the someone else’s trauma could be heard in the next room over amidst the sounds of scary drills and shrieks of pain.

Whatever the reason for your dental fear, sedation is powerful enough to help you overcome it. For one thing, the kind of sedation we offer is the strongest in dentistry today, IV sedation. With this level, you leave your appointment with almost no memory of your procedure at all.

Eventually, you build confidence with each visit and may find benefits from lighter forms of sedation until you don’t require any at all.

Getting over your fears of dental care isn’t something that happens overnight.

But with our warm, gentle staff and sedation dentistry options, you will gain more and more confidence with each successful, positive experience in our League City, TX dental office.

Learn More About Dental Sedation!

Your trips to the dentist office don’t have to be cause for stress and anxiety anymore. Not only can you enjoy better oral health and, as a result, easier appointments, but you may even begin to enjoy your visits with us and look forward to seeing the warm, friendly faces of our caring staff.

We sure enjoy seeing yours!

Learn more about the many ways we strive to make you feel comfortable at Tieken Smiles.

Call our League City, TX dental office today at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to book an appointment.


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