Tips To Make Your Child’s First Dental Visit A Good One! [BLOG]

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At Tieken Smiles, we love meeting our youngest patients for the first time.

We see patients as young as three and get such a kick out of watching them explore our League City, TX dental office and ask all sorts of questions.

At that age, going to the dentist can be really frightening, and we’ve seen our share of tears and tantrums.

But because of our warm, caring manner and friendly atmosphere, we manage to ease kids’ fears and help them feel safe and comfortable, and even have fun while they’re here!

In fact, what we see more often are nervous parents!

You may feel anxious about how your child will act and react during their first dentist appointment, but we want you to relax and know that we’re here to support you. We’re parents, too, and we know that unfamiliar territory can be tricky for young children.

The fact is that we’re all in this together, and you can take a deep breath and trust that Tieken Smiles will be a kid-friendly dentist office where you can introduce your child to dentistry in a caring, safe environment.

Your Child’s First Dental Experience Matters

Millions of Americans have a fear of the dentist, a fear that’s strong enough to keep them as far from the dentist office as possible.

Where do you think most people’s dental anxiety stems from more than any other source?

That’s right. Scary dentist appointments during childhood.

While it’s perfectly understandable that you might be apprehensive about medical and dental appointments, we have to stress the negative impact this can have on your health.

Without periodic cleanings by a dental professional, you won’t be able to rid your mouth of dangerous plaque buildup that results in gum disease, tooth loss, and potentially serious spread of infection throughout your body.

That’s why one of our top priorities, with young patients especially, is to set them up for a lifetime of confidence about their dental care. We know that it starts early, all the experiences that will inevitably shape their attitudes and perceptions about the dentist office well into adulthood.

Dr. Tieken and our staff are parents, too, so we know how crucial those early appointments are in inspiring a healthy relationship in their minds between themselves and their dentist.

We want it to begin with a positive exchange from the very beginning.

Tips To Make Your Child’s Visit A Good One

We see kids as young as three at Tieken Smiles, so we understand the special modifications young children need in order to feel safe and confident at the dentist.

It’s a unique stage in their development, so we’re very careful to explain things about our office, tools, and methods in a way that they can understand it and feel comfortable about their surroundings.

Along with our friendly team, there are ways you can help out by preparing your child for the big day, so that overall, their visit is a good one!

Here are a few tips:

*Get them excited instead of scared by talking up the experience leading up to the appointment.

*If you can, bring your child and leave their siblings at home so they aren’t distracted or influenced by reactions of others.

*It’s helpful when both parents, or two adults, can come to the appointment so at least one of you can concentrate on our advice or thoughts about your child’s dental needs.

*Make sure your child has had a snack and a nap so they’re in good spirits and ready to have some fun!

*It’s perfectly natural to feel a little anxious and distracted during their first visit, so come prepared with questions so you don’t forget to talk about things that are important to you.

*Let them be involved in their dental care by having them help you choose their favorite toothbrush and other oral hygiene products.

*Share stories with them that paint dentists in a good light rather than a person to fear.

*Reward your child for how they handled the visit by following it with a special treat or fun afternoon at the park.

Whatever your child’s needs are, our team is here to meet them. We know how important their first impressions of the dentist office are, so you can be sure that we’ll do all we can to make them feel at ease.

Schedule Your Child’s First Appointment

When it’s time to bring your child to Tieken Smiles, around age three, call us to schedule their first appointment.

Follow the tips from today’s blog so we can all make sure your child’s first dental experience is a positive one.

This will set the tone for future visits, as well as his or her lifelong attitude about professional dental care, which is why we do all we can to make sure they feel safe in our fun, friendly environment.

Call our League City, TX dental office at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to book their first appointment.


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