Two Paths To A Whiter Smile This Year [BLOG]

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With a new year in full swing, you might be thinking about simple ways to whiten your smile. Whether you need a quick, affordable solution so you’ll look great at an upcoming event or you’re ready to transform your smile in a more comprehensive way, our team at Tieken Smiles can find the right whitening method for you!

Today, we’re talking about two paths to a whiter smile in 2018 with professional teeth whitening and dental veneers here in League City, TX!

Professional Teeth Whitening: A Simple Stain Solution!

Every time to go to the store to stock up on toothpaste, you probably notice a variety of home whitening kits that promise dramatic results.

But the only way to truly get the whiteness level you want is at the hands of a dental professional.

Not only does Dr. Tieken have the resources to give you prescription strength gels for take-home options and advanced technology for in-office treatment, but he’s highly-trained to administer your treatment safely.

Store brand systems are universally made and offer instructions that might be confusing or leave too much room for human error.

You could be putting your enamel and gum tissue at risk for these reasons alone, aside from the fact that the bleaching agents in these products simply aren’t legally strong enough to render good results.

Teeth whitening treatment in our League City dental office is the best way to remove stubborn stains safely and effectively!

Veneers Can Whiten Teeth… And More!

The whitening agents in professional treatments can help to remove dark stains that have penetrated your tooth enamel.

But for dark teeth that seem too stubborn for teeth whitening, dental veneers might be the better choice.

They do things for your teeth in a different way. That’s because veneers don’t remove stains. They hide them entirely.

The way veneers work is by covering your own teeth through a bonding process after the appropriate amount of your enamel has been removed. This not only allows for stronger bonding, but it also makes for a more comfortable, natural-looking against your gumline.

Dr. Tieken can custom-design your dental veneers so that the teeth you won’t be covering with them will match seamlessly. With the right color match, people will notice a dazzling smile that looks more lifelike than ever!

But guess what else veneers can do for your smile? Several things, in fact!

-Veneers close gaps between teeth

-Veneers protect your teeth from future damage

-Veneers cover misshapen teeth

-Veneers hide cracks and chips on your teeth’s surfaces

These cosmetic wonders do far more to make your teeth look fantastic, so if you have more than stained teeth that spoil your smile, veneers may the best for you!

Veneers Or Teeth Whitening: Which Is Right For You?

The choice between these two methods is a personal one, but it takes the expertise of a skilled dentist like Dr. Tieken to ultimately help you decide which is right for your situation.

When it comes to making the best choice for your smile, it’s helpful to consider the possible reasons your teeth are stained in the first place.

For many people, it has to do with lifestyle. Smoking and using other forms of tobacco are a common cause of tooth discoloration.

It can also be due to the amount of darkly pigmented foods and drinks you consume on a regular basis. You might start each day with a cup or two of coffee. Maybe you enjoy a glass of red wine from time to time. Darker sauces like marinara and soy can also leave behind stains on your enamel.

If your lackluster smile is because of habits and dietary choices, then a professional teeth whitening system will do the trick!

There are other times, though, where you need something more lasting to give you the whiter smile you want.

Dental veneers are like a permanent whitening treatment for stained teeth. That’s because they cover your own teeth, creating a barrier that’s resistant to surface stains.

It’s a great option if you have discoloration that traces back to health issues, genetics, prescription medications, or have darker teeth that have been injured or traumatized in some way.

Once Dr. Tieken is able to figure out the likely cause of your dull, dingy smile, he can help you determine which treatment option will have the greatest impact on the color of your teeth in the long run.

Call Us To Schedule A Consult!

For a whiter smile in League City, TX, count on our team at Tieken Smiles!

We know that every patient’s needs, goals, and budget are different. That’s why we’re proud to offer more than one path to your whiter, brighter smile in 2018.

Whether you have dental needs that go beyond stains on your teeth or simply want to enhance your smile for an upcoming event, we can help!

Our cosmetic dentistry options like dental veneers and both in-office or take-home professional whitening treatments can make your smile sparkle, improve your appearance, and boost your confidence this year!

Call Tieken Smiles at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to request a consultation.


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