What To Know About Chlorine Before You Head To The Pool! [BLOG]

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Before you pack up the beach bag full of swimmies and snacks for a day at the local swimming pool, our team at Tieken Smiles wants you to be well informed about the effects of chlorine on your teeth.

We’re definitely not suggesting you stay at home and let a beautiful summer day pass you by, but we just want you to have the facts so you can exercise caution when splashing around with the kids this season.

Why Chlorine In Pools Is A Great Thing!

If you were to fill up a pool with water, but failed to add any chemicals to it at all, it wouldn’t be long before that water was unsafe for swimming.

That’s because untreated water will soon become stagnant, and then, taken over by bacteria. Swimming in it could cause health problems such as infections and dysentery, for example.

That’s why chlorine in pools is a great thing!

It’s strong enough to kill harmful bacteria in the water so the public can safely swim in it.

Caution: What Chlorine Can Do To Your Teeth!

If chlorine is such a great thing for swimming pools, what harm can it possibly do to your teeth?

Here are some common chlorine hazards to be aware of:

*Acid Erosion*

The acidity in swimming pool water can erode your tooth enamel if it gets inside your mouth. That will leave all kinds of tiny holes on your teeth, although you won’t be able to see them.

The last thing you want is to weaken your tooth enamel because that’s what is supposed to shield the nerves, pulp, and roots inside your teeth safe from harmful bacteria.

*Sensitive Teeth*

Eroded tooth enamel is weak, which means it’s easier to harmful bacteria to get inside your teeth. In addition to that potential danger, weak tooth enamel can make your teeth more sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks. The reason is because those substances are able to come too close to the nerves inside your teeth.

*Teeth Stains & Discoloration*

There’s a phenomenon that affects the color of swimmers’ teeth known as “swimmer’s calculus.”

That’s because too much exposure to chlorine can leave teeth dull, dark, or discolored slowly over time.

Stains can also stick to your teeth when you don’t have a nice layer of saliva on them to keep dark pigments in food and drinks from sticking to your enamel.

*Dry Mouth*

Dry mouth makes it impossible to keep your mouth clear of food particles and other debris because there isn’t enough saliva to get the job done.

Too much chlorine inside your mouth can dry it out, which slows saliva production significantly. Thus, in between cleanings, your teeth and gums have little, if any, help staying clean.

Prevent (Or Find Relief!) For Dry Mouth

We don’t mean to suggest that you should stay far away from the swimming pool this summer.

Actually, it’s a great way to stay fit and stay cool during the hottest season of the year.

We just want you to be informed about what can happen to your teeth and your oral health from too much exposure to chlorine.

Here’s what you can take with you from today’s blog:

*If you have your own pool, aim for a roughly 7.5 pH level.

*Make sure you’re getting plenty of water and staying well-hydrated.

*Rinse your mouth out with water after a day of splashing around in the pool!

*Reach out to our team at Tieken Smiles should you experience any symptoms of dry mouth!

Schedule An Appointment

This summer, make sure your teeth and gums are protected from the potential dangers of chlorine.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, drinks lots of water, and remember to get a dental cleaning and exam with Dr. Tieken in League City, TX.

If you’re suffering from dry mouth, let us know! We’ll get to the bottom of it and offer solutions so you get relief and keep your smile safe.

Call Tieken Smiles at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment.

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