What To Know About Summer & Oral Cancer Risks [BLOG]

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While we’re glad there’s still plenty of the summer season left to enjoy, our team at Tieken Smiles also wants to remind you about certain risks this time of year can pose for your health.

Particularly, certain activities associated with the summer months can put you at a greater risk for oral cancer.

One of the best ways to stay ahead of your oral and overall health against oral cancer is to make sure you’re visiting our League City, TX dental office for routine cleanings, exams, and oral cancer screenings!

If you haven’t had at least one of your two yearly dental checkups, now’s a great time to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Tieken.

Until then, find out how summer can affect your chances of developing oral cancer and how to protect yourself!

Be Aware Of Oral Cancer Risk Factors This Summer

First, we want to stress that the risk factors we cover in today’s blog are by no means the only ones, and they aren’t something you only need to worry about during the summertime.

We just want you to be aware of some ways you might inadvertently put yourself at a higher risk for oral cancer this time of year if you’re not careful.

*Too Much Sun Exposure*

Texas isn’t the easiest place to live if you’re trying to avoid the sun!

But when you’re out and about this summer, don’t forget to protect yourself from increased oral cancer risks with an SPF lip balm. Carry some around with you so you can reapply as needed.

*Excessive Alcohol Consumption*

Drinking too much isn’t a behavior that’s only reserved for the summer months, of course.

But in the hot sun, you might have more opportunities to drink more cold adult beverages while hanging poolside or preparing barbecue on the grill at your family cookout.

As is always the case with alcohol, just remember to drink responsibly.

*Poor Nutrition*

Tieken Smiles has always stressed the important connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. That’s why we want our patients to make sure they’re eating a highly-nutritious diet.

This isn’t just for the sake of strong teeth and gums, but it’s to help reduce your oral cancer risks associated with poor diet. Especially during the summer time, you might be traveling more and enjoying parties around the pool, which means you’ll more than likely be surrounded by tempting junk foods. Just remember that moderation is key!

Make An Appointment

Summer isn’t over yet, which means you may still have plenty of chances to be out in the sun and kicking back with family and friends at pool parties and barbecues.

Just be sure you’re protecting your lips and mouth, as well as the rest of your body, from the unique oral cancer risks you might face during this particular season.

And remember to always count on your friends at Tieken Smiles to provide thorough dental exams and routine oral cancer screenings to keep you safe. Call our League City, TX dental office today at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to make your next appointment.

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