Why Invisalign Is Ideal For Young, Seasonal Performers [BLOG]

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When you need to straighten your crooked, overlapping teeth in League City, TX, your trusted source for fast, effective, and inconspicuous treatment is short-term orthodontics at Tieken Smiles! We offer different strategies to suit your needs, including Invisalign, which offers certain advantages that regular braces simply can’t beat.

Today, we’re sharing why this option is ideal this time of year for teens who dedicate their time performing in theatre, marching band, and cheerleading!

Invisalign Is Ideal For Young, Seasonal Performers!

Invisalign is unlike the traditional braces you’re used to. It’s a modern orthodontic option that relies on a series of clear, plastic aligners rather than metal brackets and wires to straighten crooked teeth.

It’s faster than braces, more convenient, and more comfortable, especially for those passionate young performers out there heading into a busy fall season of football games and theatre productions.

Here are some specific reasons Invisalign is ideal for seasonal performers!

*Convenient Treatment Matters During A Hectic Season*

Since you have the advantage of taking your clear aligners out for about 2 hours per day, you’re given way more flexibility to adapt to fast-moving rehearsal, production, game, and competition schedules all season long.

You’re able to use your own judgment about when to take them out, aside from eating, brushing, and flossing, if you think it would improve your performance. All that matters is you’re committed to the 22 hours per day of recommended wear for best results.

*Aligners Are Smooth, Comfortable, & Nonintrusive*

Around this time each year, the marching band gears up for entertaining the cheering section for a long football season. Students warm up their vocal cords for a new fall stage production. And cheerleaders prepare to lead the chants that will inspire their team to victory.

Whatever the platform, performing in front of a crowd is no small undertaking, and if you’re distracted by the discomfort of brackets and wires, you can’t put your best into doing what you love.

Without the obstruction of standard braces, you can play an instrument, sing a song, or lead a cheer with easier movement, clearer speech, and more comfort. That’s not at all an insignificant benefit. It’s quite significant, in fact, to enjoy inconspicuous, nonintrusive smooth aligners of Invisalign so you can work at peak performance.

Find Out If Invisalign Is Right For You!

No matter where your talents take you this year, Invisalign is a hassle-free, minimally disruptive form of orthodontic treatment our patients appreciate time and again!

To find out if this is your best option to straighten your smile, call us today at 281-942-6615 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule a consultation.

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