Gum Reshaping / Gummy Smile Treatment

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Does an uneven gumline mar your smile? Award-winning cosmetic dentist Dr. J. Derek Tieken can remove excess gum tissue with a high-tech laser to give you a gorgeous gumline. He can also correct a “gummy smile” by exposing more of your teeth’s surface.

To discuss gum reshaping or other cosmetic dentistry services at our League City, TX dentist office, call Tieken Smiles Dentistry at 281-942-6615. We have private consultation rooms.

Laser Dentistry Benefits

Before lasers, dentists removed gum tissue with a scalpel. Lasers provide obvious benefits, including:

  • Less discomfort. Many patients do not even require anesthesia. If we do use anesthesia, we follow with an anesthesia reversal agent after your procedure. No more hours of unpleasant numbness! You’ll experience less tenderness during recovery too.
  • Shorter treatment time. Reshaping gums with a scalpel often requires more than one office visit. With a laser, Dr. Tieken can complete your treatment in a single visit.
  • Quicker recovery.The laser cauterizes tissue as Dr. Tieken works. So no stitches are needed. And there is little chance of post-procedure infection.

Providing Expert Cosmetic Dentistry

A member of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Tieken has beautified the smiles of pageant contestants, including former Mrs. Texas winners Wendy Gandell and Megan Zucaro. His expertise has:

  • Landed him a spot as a top dentist in Bay Area Houston Magazine’s annual Best of the Bay awards for 16 consecutive years
  • Earned him a place on H-Texas Magazine’s “Top Dentists” list from 2010 to 2016
  • Led him to appear on Consumers’ Research Council of America’s list of top dentists in the U.S.

Creating a Spa-Like Experience

Our spacious League City, TX dentist office almost feels like a spa, thanks to:

  • Massage chairs
  • Beverage bar in our waiting room
  • Headsets that relax you with noise-muffling headphones and an eye mask

Want gorgeous gums? Call Tieken Smiles Dentistry at 281-942-6615. Or use our convenient online form to arrange your visit to our Gum Reshaping and  Gummy Smile Treatment League City, TX dentist team.

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