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If you’ve tried whitening your teeth with a product from a drugstore, you’ve probably wondered what all the fuss is about. If you’ve been disappointed with DIY teeth whitening, you won’t believe the whiter, brighter results you can get with professional teeth whitening treatment!

We’ll apply teeth whitening treatment League City, TX dental office or give you professional whitening products to use at your convenience at home. Either way, you’ll see a lot more shine in your pearly whites!

For more information on teeth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry services, you can speak with our professional team at Tieken Smiles Dentistry by calling 281-942-6615.

Why Our Teeth Whitening Is Better

At Tieken Smiles Dentistry, we use teeth whitening treatment from respected brands KöR and GLO. Created by dentists, both brands offer innovative features not found in products from drugstore shelves.

GLO uses heat and light in a special mouthpiece to whiten your teeth. After a 40-minute treatment in our League City, TX dentist office, you take the mouthpiece home with you to maintain your brighter smile.

KöR uses trays designed to keep your saliva from coming into contact with the gel treatment, since saliva weakens its whitening power. Its system also keeps the product’s chemicals separate until right before use, which boosts its effectiveness (up to 16 shades brighter!).

No matter which teeth whitening treatment you select, advantages include:

  • Easy-to-see results. We’ll compare the color of your teeth before and after your treatment so you can see the improvement.
  • Easy on your teeth. Professional teeth whitening products are formulated to minimize sensitivity.
  • Easy to use. No more messy adhesive strips or flimsy trays! Both of our professional products are simple to apply at home.
  • Easy to get advice. If you have questions or concerns, our League City, TX dentist of cosmetic dentistry Dr. J. Derek Tieken and our team are only a phone call, a message, or an office visit away.

Ready to put some more pearl into your pearly whites? Call Tieken Smiles Dentistry at 281-942-6615. Or use our online form to schedule a teeth whitening treatment League City, TX area appointment at our League City, TX dentist office.

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