Dental Cleanings & Dental Exams

At Tieken Smiles Dentistry, you’re treated like a VIP every time you come into our League City, TX dentist office – even for your regular dental cleanings and dental exams.

Our spa-like office amenities, caring dental team, and advanced dental technology will make you feel special on even the most routine visits.

To schedule an appointment and enjoy the VIP treatment you deserve, call Tieken Smiles Dentistry at 281-942-6615.

What Happens During Your First Dental Exams and Dental Cleanings

Every new patient gets a tour of our spacious dental office, a welcome letter, and a gift. But the special dental treatment doesn’t stop there.

One of our dental hygienists will sit down with you to discuss any special concerns you have and anything we should know about you to help us give you optimal care. And award-winning dentist Dr. J. Derek Tieken takes time to get to know you better as a person, not just a patient.

Because we are interested in your overall health, not just your dental health, your thorough dental exam will include:

  • A blood pressure test
  • An oral cancer screening performed with VELscope, a noninvasive tool that uses fluorescence to help us look for early warning signs
  • Digital X-rays

We clean your teeth, getting into all the nooks and crannies that you miss with your toothbrush and floss to remove the plaque that can lead to tooth decay. We also examine you with a tool called DIAGNOdent that is designed to detect cavities in their earliest stages.

Throughout your dental exams, our focus is on making you comfortable. We even have massage chairs!

Putting You Under a Microscope

We use a high-powered surgical microscope during your dental cleanings and dental exams. The microscope magnifies what we can see with our naked eye by up to 20 times. This ensures we don’t miss a thing! We can treat even the smallest signs of decay or other dental problems so they won’t become bigger and more costly problems in the future.

Call our dental cleanings and dental exams League City, TX dentist office at 281-942-6615, Or use our convenient online form to schedule your appointment today.

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